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PLDI Core Values

Enhancing our identity

Along with building infrastructure, preserving the environment, PLDI is committed to enhance the local identity of communities in, through and around the capital. This is achieved through different tools that range from land use planning, urban design for identity nodes to create a sense of rootedness and cohesiveness in communities. For instance, the selective conservation of heritage buildings is an example of how local identities can be enhanced using an urban planning strategy.

Facilitating development and business needs

PLDI assists in the implementation of plans and projects in collaboration with various stakeholders, including governmental agencies. We shall work towards maintaining a delicate balance of interests – protecting the interests of the community, while facilitating the operations of businesses.

Protecting our built heritage

Conservation of historical buildings and landmark areas is an important part of urban planning and development. Historical areas add richness to our urban environment, stimulating visual interest and excitement within the City while preserving rich cultural heritage. It also adds to the distinctive character and identity of our city. More importantly, they give us a sense of history and memory even as we move into the future.

Connecting with the community

Public consultation is an integral part of the consortium’s operation. Both the public and private sector shall be involved in developing plans and proposed policies & guidelines. A shared vision will be proactively realized through dialogues, focus group discussions with professional bodies and community leaders, and public exhibitions of plans. PLDI adopts open and transparent processes in formulating guidelines. This ensures that policies incorporate the views of the public and enable them to make well-informed decisions.

Promoting healthier and greener public spaces

Public spaces add value to surrounding developments, and contribute to the promotion of urban life. PLDI studies closely the use of space at street level, and indicates on how to manage key public spaces and venues accordingly. We assist stakeholders to carry out these initiatives and programs to make Port Louis a delightful place to be in and which offers a diversity of living experiences for all. PLDI will select and support key environmental improvement projects which are aligned with relevant governmental agencies’ objectives.



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